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fuck off.

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Comments (17)

Well... it could be worst....

Yeah... but that would be quite difficult.

You could have your anus pulled out over your head. That'd be worse.

uhh, i guess so...

Or your genitals slowly fed into an industrial cheese grater. That'd be 10x worse.



Now i will have that stuck in my head for the next few hours.... thanks, time to go watch oone guy one screwdriver..

Or.. Or maybe someone could thread barbed wire through your japs'-eye.

Fuck me, that'd be nasty..

Don't do that.
I need help..

dont we all?

I got another one!

Rusty nail.


Go make friends quick! Or go to a bar and make friends quick! Seriously dude - bar time!

The bars here are all filled with dirty old men.

Don't go to a bar if you want to make friends; find a hobby of yours you can use to meet people. For instance, if you like hiking, join a hiking club. This way you'll do sports and meet people who share a common interest

Im fat, no sports for me,

but i have met people with an intrest in music, and they just kinda drifted away,

There is always a solution, no matter what the problem might be. You have the power, be strong!

Now I'm going to review your song, wasn't that sweet of me? :)

well thankyou very much!

Just go somewhere and meet people. Seriously, it's your birthday, man, go meet some new people in new places. Go somewhere fun, somewhere you'd like to go. Don't spend your birthday holed up.

Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow too, and I'm planning to go somewhere fun where I could meet new people.

Happy birthday man,

That guy above me supposed make things better not worse. Also one time i sort of was thinking the same thing you were thinking. i feel sorry for you man. i hope things get better soon, and that you feel better. Sorry man.


I have been like this for a long time, I can almost guarantee i will never be better, even with help. but thanks,

Man, you dont even have the phone of any of your old friends? call one of them, go out somewhere, make friends again.

Well, I'm sorry for you. I would be your friend :D Hope your life gets better!

Happy birthday...just be happy you're breathing dude! I spent one of my most important days stacking shelves at 3am man. Cheer up!

oh no, sorry to here that,

Wow.. why would you think people are out to kill you? That's a pretty illogical thing to think.

schizophrenia, social anxiety, depression, the list goes on,

that sucks man, I hope something awesome gets pulled out of the hat.

yeah. wait, what hat?

"im not worth the sperm im made from."

Aww... you sound even moar self-hating than I am! :(

Lets hate ourselves together :D

Yeah that sucks whale testicles....Anyway, you can wake up tomorrow knowing that at least we appreciate you. All the work you spent creating and posting the hundreds of songs you have uploaded.

well that made me feel about 4678 times better, but i still feel like shit, thanks though.