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Exelent song!

Wow man you get a 5 just for the song, and the fact that it is clock day...

where can i get the song from?

What the FUCK?

Wow, I mean, WOW, holy crap, cant find the words to describe how amazing that is, its great, how did you ever come up with such an unique idea?

And what the fuck is up with the English language. an unique? you have to use an if the next letter is a vowel. but that dose not sound right...

TheBoogley responds:

Que? no se... Grassy Ass
I has spanish :3

Well he is dead now,

He is dead now but he didnt get shot in the head,,, This would have been funny if i had seen it yesterday, lol...

ehh, good voice acting, limited animation, 6/10.

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*sniff shiff*

I remember seing this on the front page all those years ago... you will be remembered ben,

great but final boss to hard...

I love the game, I can breeze threw with tom no prob untill wade where i cant get his hp below 7/8ths before dieing, even with bombs, ugg. and the other chair is useless. i want to unlock chars but cant because it is to hard. :(

Lol neat!

I love the sand box the most, i got stuck after about 13 lvls,

also i made a clown face
eNozMBgFOIEhCBCjjDi1hlhYlJhHrPtGwSgYB aOAJgAA/KgsWg==

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It sounds worse...

Wow such a wonderfull track, but when i listen to the origonal and this back to back, i cant help but think this verion is severly crippled,

I have listened to the tracks both on my monitors and home theator.

First off, I love the way you went with this track, adds more variety then the origonal,
But i just cant get past the clarity issues, it seems so muddy and empty at the same time, the origonal was shiny and rich sounding, the bells and hits much more crisp and punchy,

i dont know what you did to change that, but i suggest changing it, or perhaps the kbps is to blame... I have seen 192 songs longer then 4 minutes on NG, im sure it would fit..
Any way, other then that, the track its self, from a musical perspective and non tecnical perspective is fantastic and a great improvement,

DavidOrr responds:

You got it- that's the kbps! I really didn't make too many changes to the overall mix- in fact- the overall mix is even brighter with more punch than the original. As you lower bitrates, mp3s shave off the highs and lows, which will result in less shimmer and definition.

Thanks for the review!

Not your best,

But a damn fine track indeed!

I love the track, The mixing could use a littlework, the bass could be sidechained to give the song a clearer sound, just a sugestion, as the track is overal, fantastic

great job bud.

Xorberax responds:

Ya, I know it's not my best, but I recently broke out of my writers block with this song.
So expect better in some new songs.


Oh my god, that helped it so much :D

Fantastic sone, once again, This one gets my fave. fantastic job!

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Its beautifull.

So simple yet so meaningful, the personification of happy. I cried.

Fawx responds:

did you even click it.

Looks more disopointed.

It is very well done, but I would not call that anger, looks more like a very depresses person, or some one who is very disopointed,

Johannesnh responds:

well i guess you're right, he doesn't look very angry :p thank you for your review :-)

oh hot!

Just look at those man boobs! how hot!

fuck off.

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