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Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - May 29th, 2009


how did i do it you ask? i changed my mind.

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - May 26th, 2009

No, I am not whining, or bitching because I was searched, this is legit assault,

So, me and 2 friends where picking up a 3rd friend in a rough area of town last night, me and friend #1 waited in the car, we notice some high people and a prostitute and laugh about the idea of calling the cops on them, but no more then 5 minutes later, 3 cop cars and a police dog are parked behind us, and jogging towars us with a super bright search light shining at us from the car,

4 cops on foot and 2 in the cars, I go to open the window on the drivers side and then i here this mofo yelling at me to stay in the fucking car, I lean back to an upright position and let the asshole open the door and talk to us.
as he leans in 3 others are shining lights in the car, he asks us what is going on, we say nervosly that we are waiting for 2 friends, and that was all, he then tells us that there was a call saying that we where doing drugs and he said that he could smell crack. I told him calmy that we where not doing any thing like that, and what he was smelling was carpet shampoo. and apparently he did not like that anwser.

he tells my friend to get out of the car, and then tells me not to fuckin' move or the dog would be on my ass, I said sure thing sir, and flipped him off, the other 3 officers walked to my side of the car and asked for my id,

I said, why do you need my id? can't i just tell you who i am? i would like a reason before i give you my personal property. I said it exactly like that, the ass cop who was checking my friend herd this and turned to me and said, dont fuck with us boy, or your going to get a mouth full of dirt.

I yelled at him that i was not trying to guve him a hard time, i just want to know what my dirvers lisence had to do with any thing because i was not driving and was not sitting in the drivers seat, he then said give it or you will be going downtown for interfering with a police investigation ( bull shit ) and the 2nd officer snatched it out of my hand as i was holding it, and made some remark like ( gotcha now asshole) dont remember exactly what he said,

he started asking me about all the information on my lisence, and i said it is right there in black and white, cant you read? he seemed to be a little nicer for a few seconds as he asked me nicely the 2nd time and i told him what he wanted to know,

my friend got back in the car and they asked me to get out, they told me to empty my pockets and i did, he said that i am holding somthing from him, i got mad at that point and I have little self control when I am being accused of shit, I yelled at him that we have no drugs, i am not hiding any thing, fuck off you have no reason to search me,

with out even asking me if he could search me, he grabs for my pants, and i fall backwards not wanting to be touched, ( i have severe anxiety about being touched any where, let alone that area, ) and as i was stumbling backwars they are yelling at me, i could not understand any of it, but it was somthing like your going to get tazzed,

I stood and yelled at him to not fucking touch me, and that he would have to get a warrent if he wanted to touch me, but 2 officers come and grab me by the sholders, and the ass cop starts to pat down my leg, it took every ounce of will power i have to not thrash and kick at him, and then he tells me to spread my legs, and I tell him to fuck off, your not touching me, the 2nd cop tells me to just do it so we can be on our way,

I made it very clear to him that i am not giving concent for you to search me, and i relaxed my legs a bit, he shoves his hand at my inner thigh, and i flinch, that flinch was greeted with a tightening grip on my arms, and a forcefull squeeze to the thigh, i decide then would be a good time to stfu, and get it over with as i would be taking legal action later. but then he put his hand on my penis, and i yelled, he poked it and squeezed it, then he poked my testicals, and i told him that is my penis, and then he squeezed my balls with 2 fingers, and as i yelled, he said. ohh dose that hurt?? I replyed that you are so going down for that, he then turned me around and slid his hand down my ass crack on the outside of my boxers. and said ok your clean!

they told me to go sit in the car as we waited for my other friends to arive, they arrive and they search the car, but not them, they take the dog threw the car, find nothing and leave. I thanked him for the happy ending as he was walking back to the car,

The thing that pisses me off most about this is that i was guilty before the fuckers even got there, They ( knew ) that i had drugs on me because some drunk person walking by said i did, guilty untill proven innocent, also he did not have my concent to search me, that was assault. I called the police station and filed a compliant, and was told that some one would be calling me in the morning,

Its a police run countrey, if I squeezed a cops balls, i would be dead. If i kicked him because of my disability, i would be tased. or beaten,

so what do you guys think, have i got a probable cause for a case, I dont want any compinsation, i just want asshole cop go get some extra training, or suspended or something, that is not right...


I think this is perfictly suited for general, as i am asking for opinions, MAL. but im not the mod here...

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - May 24th, 2009

yep, im back, a lot sooner then i expected/ lets not ever do that again shall we?

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - April 16th, 2009

With in the last few moments, my earnings went from 5 cents, to 26 cents! sweet!

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - April 16th, 2009

User Page Ads 112 $0.45 $0.05 $0.05

YES! 5 CENTS! I am overcome with joy right now, in a matter of hours of doing NOTHING! I MADE 5 CENTS! so excited!

Cant wait to get a good song in the works, if i ever find inspiration again that is..

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - April 14th, 2009

Wah, after weeks of not even touching FL studio, due to not wanting to, i decided i would try to get back into it, and i tried to make a house song, but quickly noticed how much it sucks, and how fucking terrible i am, what happned to me, i dont like any thing any more, nothing is fun like it used to be, Life is changing from sharp contrasts of fun and work, to a dull greay mash or bordom and fucking working all the time and loosing intrest in every thing i once enjoyed,


http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /229807

sucks fucking ass.

my life is done for, ill just become a fucking dull brick like every one else, I gave up on my dreams of dj ing and now writing songs seems to be next on my chopping block,
bah, soo pissed off today, life is too short for me to feel like i do, but i cant help it, never ending downward spiral from the age of 2 + or that is what it feels like to me any way.

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - April 1st, 2009

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/10 44950

i predicted the future in my attempt at and april fools joke :D

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - April 1st, 2009

yea was waiting for an hour and 50 minutes for it, happy april 1st!

god damn 5 min post shit rule! i would have been first....

Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - January 31st, 2009

Today i get banned for back seat moding, yet all i did was redirect some one to the correct forum in a helpful manner so that they would get the answers that they where looking for, they took my advice and remade the post, yet i get baned for being helpful! and then when i pm the mod who banned me to discuss the legitimacy of my ban, i get an extended ban for using the F word that was not even directed at the person! they call that PM abuse? fuck that.

when power is questioned, power is used, in excess apparently.

ohh and to top it off, now i cant post my MAC entry...


Posted by mariomusicmaker1 - January 26th, 2009

is it rly that good?